Contractortaxation.com helps employers structure global mobility solutions with a focus on offerings that are


  • fully compliant
  • reliable
  • cost effective
  • flexible

We understand the pressures that modern global mobility professionals face – not least of which is maintaining service levels across timezones, cultures and languages. Having suppliers who you can trust to meet their SLA’s gives you one less thing to worry about! We help you locate suppliers and ensure you are getting the best of breed solutions.

All of our partners – and their service offerings in the areas of employment, payroll, tax and immigration – are reviewed by our supplier assessment criteria to aid our customers in quickly and accurately finding the right mix of services to meet their needs.

We’ve helped clients ranging from tiny technology companies to some of the largest multinationals with diverse requirements including:

– helping a software company start a new consulting operation in China (local outsourced payroll, employers liability and professional indemnity insurance) always maintaining an easy transition path to bring services inhouse when growth permits.

– assisting an energy company with a compliance campaign for their teams throughout EMEA (including standardisation of employment terms, immigration compliance and sourcing of localised payroll suppliers)

– guiding a telecommunications firm with organising a 3rd party employment company or PEO (including work permits, employment contracts, payroll, home and away tax returns) for a new project team in Germany.

Our most common involvement is helping employers with:

  1. work permits for employees doing fixed term assignments in a new location
  2. outsourced payroll and compliant tax solutions for regional offices and project teams

How to begin?

Tell us what you are looking for

We’ll come back to you with: Who can help you? What are their charges? What can they do and just as important.. what can’t they do?

Client comment

  • Great advice and excellent service on contracting and immigration solutions in the UK. I would highly recommend Tim and the team to assist you with accurate, clear and concise contracting advice in the UK or any other country for that matter.

    Prishen Pillay Shell International Trading & Shipping / Global DBA Operations Lead
  • I utilized PEO services with Contractor Taxation & have found the services invaluable. We had to quickly establish a presence in China to meet a perceived large market, knowing how difficult it could be setting up a complete operation there. CT helped us immensely to navigate these waters and establish this beachhead without a lot of the normal distractions associated w/opening a full operation. This allowed us to focus on our client’s expectations and keep us moving forward in the market.

    John Zimmer Charles River Development / Vice-President, Finance