International Assignments

This professional area has its language related to the creation and maintenance of accurate, reliable, compliant, cost-effective and flexible solutions to support the unique requirements of fixed-term International Assignments. This includes

  • management of remuneration and benefits including tax, payroll and relocation
  • management of costs and forecasting budgets for cross border work
  • organising suitable and timely visas and work permits
  • compliance with tax, immigration and employment regulations (both within your organisation and in the country of work)
  • integrating in-house and external providers to provide full-service solutions

This section outlines some of these structures and terms. It also gives greater depth to our service offering and how our partner network adds value to everyone involved in Global Mobility. If you have challenges regarding your international workers or even if you just want to discuss best practices for international assignments, we’re only an email away.

We group most of our employer services under the International Assignments banner including:

Our background is dealing with contract, freelance and interim workers around the globe. We have done this on an individual basis, through management companies, recruiters and also for employers directly. Our supplier assessment criteria are the foundation of our partner network.

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