The aim of all contractors is basically the same: to keep their independence, retain as high a % of gross billing as possible, avoid the wrath of the taxman and cut down on time consuming administration. Our partners have just the solution for you - apply for a free assessment today!

The good news is that Switzerland as whole has extremely low rates of both income and corporation tax. The problem being: Due to the federal structure of Switzerland, there is no centralized tax system, with some taxes being levied exclusively by federal authorities whereas others are levied by the cantons (states/provinces), the communes and the federal authorities concurrently. Even among the cantons there are significant differences in both the taxes levied and the rates payable though there is legislation that aims to reduce these differences.

Hence, personal income tax and corporation tax rates vary greatly across the country. The tax system is complex, with your net return based on a whole raft of factors: nationality, length of contract (over 180 days in one given year makes you a Swiss Tax Resident), industry, number of dependents.

Thus, it’s highly recommended you seek expert advice on your financial situation if you are contracting or intend to contract in Switzerland.

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