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Contracting in the United States: A Guide For Contractors

For many international contractors, the United States is a prime country to look for clients that need specialized talent.  The […]

Best Countries to Work as a Contractor in Asia

Contractors looking for clients in Asia will have many countries to choose from.  You might select Asia because it is […]

Contracting in New Zealand: A Guide for International Contractors

International contractors may be drawn to the natural beauty and highly developed economy of New Zealand.  If you are looking […]

Best Countries to Work as a Contractor in Africa

International contractors may overlook Africa as a spot to look for new clients.  But the vast continent does offer many […]

Contracting in Saudi Arabia: A Guide For International Contractors

If you have decided to look for clients in Saudi Arabia, you will want to understand how the immigration, tax […]

Best Countries to Work as a Contractor in the Americas

If you have decided to seek work in the Americas, you may wonder which is the best country to find […]

7 Common Tax Mistakes International Contractors Make

No one likes to pay taxes but wherever you work in the world, taxes are one certainty that you will […]

Tax Residency for Contractors in the Middle East

Several countries in the Middle East are economic and cultural centres that can offer rich opportunities to international contractors.  One […]

Your Expert Guide to Job Hunting as an International Contractor

If you dream of contracting in foreign countries, then you might wonder how to look for new clients abroad.  In […]

Tax Residency for Contractors in Africa

Contractors with clients in the continent of Africa will want to research the specific tax residency rules.  Each country sets […]

Best Countries to Work in Europe as a Contractor

When you are looking for clients in Europe you might wonder which country is the best for working and living.  […]

What is the Best Choice for Contractors: Work Remotely or Move Abroad?

The gaining popularity of remote work presents many contractors with an interesting choice as they look for international clients.  You […]

How To Handle Unexpected Relocation of Ukrainian Workers Abroad

In March 2022, Contractor Taxation received a request from a company in Israel that had numerous contractors located in Ukraine.  […]

Tax Residency For Contractors In Asia

Contractors with clients in Asia will have to deal with several work and finance regulations to remain in compliance as […]

All You Need To Know About Banking As A Contractor

International contractors that are working abroad for the first time will face unique banking and finance issues.  Many of the […]

The Top 8 Common Expenses for International Contractors

International contractors face new expenses when they decide to work on-site for clients abroad, which can affect overall net earnings.  […]

Tax Residency for Contractors in the Americas

Contractors that are looking for work in the Americas (including South America, Latin America, and North America) will want to […]

6 Common Problems New Contractors Face and How to Find Solutions

A contractor is a self-employed professional that offers their skills to one or more clients, either short or long-term.  Unlike […]

Tax Residency for Contractors in Europe

If you are a contractor working for clients in Europe outside of your home country, you will need to know […]

Common Terminology for International Contracting

International contracting has its own set of terminology due to the cross-border nature of the client relationship.  It is very […]

How Can a Non-EU Contractor Work in Malta?

Malta continues to attract contractors across multiple industries, who are interested in living and working in this island nation.  Because […]

A Guide To Negotiation For Contractors

One of the essential skills for contractors is the ability to successfully negotiate their contract rates.  Your rates reflect your […]

Tax Rate Schemes Available for Contractors in Poland

International contractors face a real challenge when it comes to tax calculation while working abroad. With few exceptions, all income […]

12 Apps For Contractors Moving Abroad For Work

Moving to a new country is easier now than in the past, with many tech and communication tools to assist […]

Working as a Contractor in the Oil and Gas Industry in Norway

International contractors will usually look for clients in countries that have industries that fit their skills and experience.  One of […]

The KATA Small Business Tax in Hungary

One of the realities of international contracting is the need to navigate tax calculation and payment.  Contractors may be liable […]

Hiring International Contractors for a Tech Startup

Tech startups have to balance the need for specialized workers with the overall cost of hiring.  Initially, using contractors is […]

How Does the 18th Month Rule in Germany Affect Contractors?

When you contract for clients in a foreign country many regulations can affect the relationship.  This is true in Germany […]

Understanding 13th and 14th Month Payments In Italy

When you are contracting internationally, you will find that some employment policies can affect your client relationships.  One of the […]

Work Permits In China For International Contractors

One of the realities of international contracting is the need to obtain a work permit.  Very few countries (outside the […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in The UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an experienced and educated workforce in many industries, including IT, engineering and manufacturing.  If […]

The 30% Tax Ruling In The Netherlands

We’ve got a lot of questions about the 30% tax ruling in the Netherlands in the past we’re addressing some […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Luxembourg

As a financial and high-tech centre in Europe, Luxembourg has many skilled workers that could be a fit for your […]

Work Permits In Switzerland For International Contractors

The independent alpine nation of Switzerland has a strong economy and structured business environment that may be ideal for contractors.  […]

Working as Autonomo Professional (Self-Employed) in Spain

International contractors that want to work in Spain will find that several registration steps are depending on their business structure. […]

Work Permits in Thailand for International Contractors

  Thailand is an appealing destination for international contractors, but immigration requirements have tightened up in recent years.  This means […]

Work Permits in Japan for International Contractors

As the world’s third-largest economy, Japan may have numerous opportunities for a skilled and qualified contractors.  International contractors looking to […]

All You Need To Know About Portage Salarial In France

Portage salarial is the French term for the services of umbrella (portage) companies that host self-employed workers in France. One […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Sweden

A significant change is occurring in global hiring practices, as companies are recognizing the advantage of recruiting remote workers. These […]

How To Handle Internet Connections While Working Remotely

Because the majority of remote work roles are online, internet connectivity is especially crucial for performance, communication and meeting deadlines. […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in The Netherlands

If your company is looking for new remote workers in foreign countries, you will find that there are skilled professionals […]

Contracting in Hong Kong: A Guide for International Contractors

As a major business hub in Asia, Hong Kong can offer opportunities for international contractors with skills in finance, IT […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Malta

Global recruitment is expanding to countries all over the world, as companies realize they are not limited geographically when seeking […]

Contracting in Singapore: A Guide For International Contractors

The sovereign city-state of Singapore is home to many industries that could use skilled international contractors that wish to live […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Malaysia

As you begin to recruit new workers for your company you may find the right candidate living abroad.  If so, […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Hungary

If your global recruitment efforts are leading you to look to novel locations, you might find the worker that you […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Thailand

If your company is recruiting talent abroad there is no telling where you might find the perfect candidate.  Thailand is […]

Contracting in South Korea: A Guide For International Contractors

South Korea is the fourth-largest economy in Asia and may have many opportunities for international contractors.  The high tax rates […]

Tips and Tools For Digital Nomads

If you are an international contractor who likes to work in different countries, you are now part of a movement […]

A Guide to Contracting in Germany for a UK Company

We recently had an inquiry from a contractor in Germany that wanted to work remotely as a software engineer for […]

Contracting in the Philippines: A Guide for International Contractors

The Philippines is a popular destination for travellers in Southeast Asia, including those that would like to work inside the […]

Working as a Contractor in Germany for a US Company

We often get inquiries from contractors looking to work in Germany for a US company.  With the growing acceptance of […]

Contracting in Mexico: A Guide for International Contractors

Mexico presents an opportunity for skilled contractors in many different industries. To be able to work there long-term, you will […]

What To Consider When Choosing An Umbrella Company

International contractors have a few choices of how to get paid when engaging clients in foreign countries.  If you are […]

Contracting in Malaysia: A Guide for International Contractors

Malaysia has the fourth-largest economy in Southeast Asia, along with the cultural diversity and natural beauty that may attract international […]

Contracting in Thailand: A Guide for International Contractors

Thailand is a well-known destination for travellers of all types and could be of real interest to international contractors as […]

Contracting in China: A Guide for International Contractors

China’s strong economic growth has created opportunities for international contractors who may have the right experience or skill set.  The […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Denmark

Hiring remote contractors in other countries such as Denmark is a great way to add to your company’s talent pool, […]

Contracting in the UAE: A Guide for International Contractors

The middle eastern country of United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the more appealing destinations for international contractors, given […]

Contracting in the Czech Republic: A Guide for International Contractors

As an EU member nation in central Europe, the Czech Republic can be a popular destination for international contractors looking […]

How to Work in the UK After Brexit: A Guide for EU Contractors

With the conclusion of Brexit and the related trade agreements, many EU contractors are unsure of how they can continue […]

Contracting in Luxembourg: A Guide for International Contractors

While Luxembourg is a small country geographically, it is an important financial centre in the EU, with many contracting opportunities […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Belgium

Belgium is an important business and financial centre in the European Union. There are a lot of skilled workers in […]

Can Hiring Independent Contractors Trigger Permanent Establishment?

When you hire independent contractors in foreign countries, you don’t expect a potential tax liability.  However, it could happen and […]

Contracting in Slovakia: A Guide for International Contractors

If you are looking to contract in a central European country with a rich culture and affordable cost of living, […]

Contracting in Malta: A Guide for International Contractors

The archipelago nation of Malta located in the Mediterranean Sea can easily capture the imagination of international contractors looking for […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Italy

As remote working becomes more common, it opens up a global talent pool to companies that may have never thought […]

Contracting in Poland: A Guide for International Contractors

Adjacent to Germany in Eastern Europe, Poland may be a good destination for EU contractors, and although wages are not […]

Working in the EU Post Brexit: A Guide for UK Contractors

On January 1, 2021, the transition period for Brexit ended, and now contracting in the EU will be determined by […]

Contracting in Spain: A Guide for International Contractors

Spain can be an attractive destination for international contractors, with a relatively low cost of living, vibrant culture, and open […]

Contracting in Croatia: A Guide for International Contractors

Just south of Austria on the Adriatic Sea lies the EU-member country Croatia, ideally situated for European or third-country contractors […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many skilled professional workers, who may be looking to work remotely for overseas companies.  This can […]

Contracting in Portugal: A Guide For International Contractors

Among the many European countries where international contractors can look for clients, Portugal has a high appeal due to its […]

Contracting in Austria: A Guide For International Contractors

International contractors looking for clients and projects in an EU member country could consider Austria. It has a strong economy, […]

Contracting in Norway: A Guide for International Contractors

Norway has one of the strongest economies per capita in the world. This is thanks to the oil and gas […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in France

With the growth of new flexible remote work methods, companies are sourcing talent globally and more frequently.  Hiring a worker […]

Contracting in Sweden: A Guide for International Contractors

Sweden is a naturally desirable destination for international contractors, as a Nordic culture where English is widely spoken, and with […]

Contracting in Hungary:  A Guide for International Contractors

Hungary occupies a location right in the centre of the European Union and maybe a likely destination for international contractors […]

How to Hire Remote Workers as Contractors in Spain

If your company is looking for remote international talent, you may be considering hiring workers as independent contractors.  This can […]

Contracting in Italy: A Guide for International Contractors

Italy is a culturally rich country, with a reasonable cost of living compared to other European countries, so it may […]

Contracting in the Netherlands: A Guide for International Contractors

With a high standard of living, widely spoken English, and quick transport to the rest of the EU, the Netherlands […]

Contracting in Denmark: A Guide for International Contractors

If you are an international contractor and interested in working in a northern European country with a high standard of […]

How to Hire and Pay Remote Workers as Contractors in Germany

Germany is home to many skilled workers, with an economy that emphasizes technological, design and manufacturing expertise.  If your company […]

The Ultimate Guide to Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residency Regime (NHR)

Independent contractors that are looking for a tax-favourable country, may consider Portugal due to its Non-Habitual Residency Regime (NHR).  Available […]

A Contractor’s Guide to UK’s Tax Residency Rules Amid Covid-19

International contractors should always be aware of a country’s tax residency rules. They could affect both tax rates and which […]

Contracting in India: A Guide for International Contractors

As part of the BRIC group of economically powerful nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), India can be an excellent […]

Contracting in Australia: A Guide for International Contractors

For many contractors, Australia may seem like a dream destination to live and work, with its diverse population, strong economy […]

Contracting in Switzerland: A Guide for International Contractors

Switzerland occupies a unique position as a neutral country with EU affiliations that extend many of those member benefits to […]

Contracting in the UK After Brexit: Potential Changes for Self-Employed

The United Kingdom has been an appealing location for international contractors.  This could be because it is an English-speaking country […]

Pros and Cons: Hiring Remote Contractors vs Employees

When your company is looking to add staff, one viable option is to hire remote workers located in foreign countries.  […]

Hiring Remote Contractors Overseas: A Guide for Employers

For employers that are starting up, hiring remote contractors can be appealing due to the ease and low commitment level. […]

How to Get Paid in the Philippines by a US Company

If you are a skilled worker living in the Philippines, you may want to know if it is possible to […]

Hiring Contractors: The Cheap and Easy Way to Pay Remote Workers

Is your company a start-up looking for top talent without increasing payroll costs?  Or are you looking for cost-effective ways […]

A Complete Guide to Hiring and Paying Remote Contractors

A gradual shift is occurring in the business world where companies are choosing to access skilled talent in other countries. […]

How to Work as an Independent Contractor in Germany

Contractors that are looking to work in Germany will find there are several options when it comes to structuring contracts […]

How to Work Remotely as an Independent Contractor

Overview More people around the world are beginning to turn to remote work solutions. This brings up the question of […]

Changes to Taxation on Foreign Remuneration in South Africa

Independent contractors that work internationally may not always know where they should pay tax, especially if they are staying long-term […]

Hiring an International Contractor in Germany

Companies that want to hire international contractors in Germany will find that there are some intricate regulations to follow or […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an International Contractor

Hiring contractors located in foreign countries is now easier than ever, given the technology and communication tools available.  An international […]

What is an Umbrella Company?

Companies hiring workers remotely or internationally have a few choices to make about worker status, management, and payment.  Hiring as […]

Hiring an International Contractor in Finland: A Guide for International Employers

If your company is looking to expand its business in Finland or recruit talent for remote work, you may decide to hire an international contractor.

Should You Set Up Your Own Limited Company or Use an Umbrella Company?

International contractors have a choice when it comes to how to structure their business with clients, either through a direct contract or using a third party.

The Risks for Contractors of Operating as a Limited Company in Foreign Countries

Independent contractors have choices when it comes to selecting a form of business structure, and one of those is operating as a ‘limited company’ when working for clients. 

3 Things to Look Out for When Recruiting Independent Contractors

Recruiters that are searching for skilled and reliable independent contractors are facing new challenges in the growing ‘gig economy’. 

4 Ways To Find Out If You Get A Contract Extension

Independent contractors have a few advantages over employees when it comes to predicting the longevity of their engagement.  In most cases, you will have a contract

Contracting via an Umbrella Company: Pros and Cons

As an independent contractor you will have to weigh the pros and cons of different ways to contract with clients, get paid and handle tax and social contributions.  This is one of the realities of contracting,

LIMOSA Declaration: A Guide for Contractors Working in Belgium

Foreign contractors planning to work as self-employed in Belgium are required to submit a LIMOSA declaration before starting their contract.  Several contractors that we assist

A Guide to the TSS 482 Visa

If you are an independent contractor who wants to work in Australia, then you will need a visa.  The Australian work visa changed last year from the 457 visa, to the new TSS visa

Selecting the Best Umbrella Company: 5 Questions Every Contractor Should Ask

One of the best solutions for contractors who need assistance setting up their client projects is an umbrella company.  The umbrella company acts as a third party between you

Contracting in Japan: A Guide for International Contractors

Independent contractors planning to work in Japan will want to review the conditions and rules for contracting in that popular Asian business destination.  Japan’s culture influences

Contracting in France: A Guide for International Contractors

France continues to be a popular country for international contractors seeking new clients and projects, and EU citizens will find that there are several options for setting up your

Contracting in Canada: A Guide for International Independent Contractors

Canada is emerging as a country with numerous work opportunities in many different professions.  This is especially true for contractors who are willing to relocate and offer

Contracting in Belgium: A Guide for International Contractors

Belgium is an attractive location for contractors in the EU, and has the advantage of easy access and a special expat tax rate if your income is above a certain amount.

The Ultimate Guide to Umbrella Companies for Contractors

Independent contractors working at home or abroad will often use an umbrella company to manage their contracts with clients.  As their name implies, umbrella companies can shelter

What to do When Your International Contract is Ending

When you land a new client the last thing you want to think about is the contract ending, but if you are working internationally it pays to anticipate the outcome because of the

Taking Holidays as an Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor you are responsible for managing multiple areas of your client engagements, including tax payments, health insurance, expenses and payment.

Double Taxation of UK Income When Contracting Overseas

One of the easily overlooked pitfalls for international contractors is the potential for double taxation of income when contracting overseas.  A contractor may think that the income

Terminating an Independent Contractor: A Guide for Employers

Businesses that hire independent contractors for projects and work roles need to know how to terminate the contractor if necessary.  Although termination of contractors is not covered

Transformify and Contractor Taxation: A New Solution for Recruiting and Managing Remote Contractors

If you are a staffing agency or recruiter for businesses that use international contractors, we want to make you aware of a new service in partnership with Transformify.

Contracting in Germany: The Guide to AUG License

Recruiters and contractors entering the German market from abroad need to be aware of what is known as the AUG license law, which was revised in April 2017. 

A Recruiter’s Guide to International Contracting

If you are a recruiter working for a company that hires contractors for projects abroad, there are some important considerations for international contracting. 

What Are the Options for Health Insurance For Contractors?

One of the easy to overlook items for contractors with foreign assignments is medical coverage while in another country.  Foreign locations may have hazards

Top Things to Know When Contracting in a New Country

Independent contractors with a flexible lifestyle can take advantage of work opportunities anywhere in the world.  Ease of travel and communication between countries,

The Simplest Way to Pay International Contractors Without Risk

If your business is considering hiring contractors from other countries, you may have questions about the best way to pay them across international borders.

How to Write a Job Posting to Attract Contractors

The top priority when hiring an independent contractor is finding the most skilled and talented candidates available. Many workers are leaving the arena of traditional employment

Contracting in Israel: A Guide for International Contractors

With easy access to both Europe and the Middle East, Israel can be a good location for international contractors to find new clients and projects, either short or long term.

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  • Great advice and excellent service on contracting and immigration solutions in the UK. I would highly recommend Tim and the team to assist you with accurate, clear and concise contracting advice in the UK or any other country for that matter.

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  • I utilized PEO services with Contractor Taxation & have found the services invaluable. We had to quickly establish a presence in China to meet a perceived large market, knowing how difficult it could be setting up a complete operation there. CT helped us immensely to navigate these waters and establish this beachhead without a lot of the normal distractions associated w/opening a full operation. This allowed us to focus on our client’s expectations and keep us moving forward in the market.

    John Zimmer Charles River Development / Vice-President, Finance

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