The aim of all contractors is basically the same: to keep your independence, retain more of your income, to ensure that the structure you use complies with local legislation and to remove the burden of administration.

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France Contractor Tax

The good news is that France is a great place to work and to live. Culturally diverse, high standard of living and steeped in history. The bad news starts and finishes with taxation. Personal income tax and social costs in France can be very high. This has some positive's: the one hand results in terrific social consequences (education, hospitals, roads etc). But on the other hand, as an expat contractor, this means a big hit on your net return.

France Income Tax

Additionally there is just so much legislation - it is an administrative nightmare! Unless you work through a structure with a thorough understanding of the local taxation system you can suffer greatly due to lack of compliance and low retention rates. The French tax system has very complicated social security and personal income tax regulations.


The type of structure available to you will depend on a number of factors:


Length of contract?

Intended length of stay in France?

Whether you are married and have dependents (PACS)?

Your nationality?

Country of residence of the company you will be working for (E101)?


All of these factors will play a part in not only how much income tax you will have to pay but of almost equal importance in France, your social security payments. Contact us now and provide us with information on your specific situation and with our vetted Contractor Management partners we will ensure that you net the highest % possible of your gross income.

Tax for Expats in France

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