Resources 5 Ways To Get Your Contract Extended

5 Ways To Get Your Contract Extended

5 Ways to Get Your Contract Extended

Contract renewals look great on your CV. They show that you deliver what you promise and reassure future clients that you’ll be a worthwhile investment.

You should also be aware of how and when you should renegotiate a contract renewal, but step one will be ensuring that clients want to keep you around in the first place.

1. Be the expert

Help your colleagues in whatever way you can. Not only will it make you indispensable and increase your chances of a contract extension, but it can help you score recommendations for future jobs.

2. Bring measurable value

Always look for ways to improve on an existing process, generate revenue, and/or save the company money or time. If you can point to measurable achievements, your value becomes more obvious and clients will be much keener to extend your contract.

3. Deliver what you promised

You probably surmised the company’s goals through your interview process, or at least sometime shortly afterwards. Your accomplishments should be in line with these goals.

Make sure that you’re delivering what your CV promised the client. If you’re not applying your skills to company goals, then any additional value you bring will be superfluous.

4. Ask for feedback

As long as you don’t go overboard, asking for feedback helps you adjust your performance and ensures that you’re accomplishing what the company wants.

Moreover, it gives you a chance to subtly remind clients of what you’ve already achieved. By asking them how you can improve on your work, you’ll bring attention to your achievements while showing that you’re actively trying to do even better.

5. Take initiative

If you have any sort of downtime, be sure to ask others how you can help or contribute. This will make you more valuable, of course, but it also reminds people of that value and keeps you on their radar, without having to obnoxiously remind people of how great you are. Everybody wins.

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