Hong Kong

Hong Kong's economy is dominated by the service sector, which accounts for over 90% of the GDP, while industry constitutes only 9%. Due to Hong Kong's limited arable land and natural resources, the importation of food and raw materials is mandatory, ensuring that Hong Kong is the worlds eleventh largest trading entity. The total value of imports and exports exceeds its gross domestic product.

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading financial centres, with the Hong Kong stock exchange being the seventh largest in the world. In 2009 Hong Kong was ranked third in ease of doing business index.


Hong Kong is a gateway to Asia for many multinationals and remains a popular destination for expatriate workers. Companies providing services in Hong Kong will either have to relocate their own staff or source international contractors. It can be difficult to start a company in Hong Kong as a foreign owned enterprise and as such if these companies wish to relocate their staff or source international contractors they will benefit from a locally based Contractor Management Company to provide a full employed local solution for their employees. This will entail Hong Kong Permits and local Hong Kong payroll.

As an individual, working in Hong Kong can be a highly rewarding experience, an opportunity to experience living in the Asia, with a high standard of living, paying low taxes and high earning rates.


Our services in Hong Kong include:

Tax, Payroll and Employment Solutions for Clients and Individual Contractors

Sponsored Work Permits for Clients/Contractors/ Freelance Workers

Salary Packaging

Self-Employed / Pty Ltd Companies

Immigration Lawyers

Expatriate Tax specialists

Insurance (Private Health / Travel / Professional Indemnity)


Bank Account Opening

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