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What we do

Do you want to know more about who we are, what we stand forwhat we do and equally importantly what we don't do? Read on, you're on the right page! If you have any further questions please contact us. 

Who we are

Contractor Taxation was setup in 2008 by Duncan Macintosh and Tim Burgess. Contractor Taxation assists individuals, recruiters and employers with international assignments by providing work permits, business visas and payment solutions in almost every country in the world. 

Work Permits

Around the world, there is enormous demand for specialist skilled labour. Increasingly employers and employees are drawn to the flexibility and benefits of temporary or contract employment, especially when it involves working internationally. However there is a lack of information and support - especially for individuals considering a move. Additionally with new and attractive employment markets developing all the time its hard for individuals and companies to stay on top of the immigration and taxation implications.

We seek to meet this need by acting as an information service for individuals, employment agencies and end clients. Primarily, as the name suggests, we are focussed on contractors who need work permits and taxation solutions.

But we do also deal with related issues like expatriate resources, market conditions, relocation assistance and local information sources.


This website is intended as a general support service and should not be construed as an official source of information. We are not Accredited Immigration or Taxation advisors. If you are in any doubt as to the veracity of any information contained within this website you are strongly advised to check with the relevant government bodies or an accredited advisor.

Work Permits for Contractors

If you are trying to move to another country for work reasons but have been struggling to obtain the right visa then relax, we'll help you. Contact us for more information. Contractor Taxation exists to assist contractors, temporary workers, employees and freelancers to work legally in pretty much every country in the world. We do this is by offering country specific information and, wherever possible, connecting you directly to work permit and local payroll suppliers in your country of choice. Note www.contractortaxation.com is an information site only and does not directly run payrolls, sponsor work permits or arrange working visas.

However, our partner companies can sponsor Work Permits for contractors in over 100 different countries. So if you have a contract job offer then our partners can sponsor your Work Permit!

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