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UK Work Permits

Working as a consultant in the UK can give you more control over your work, more freedom, and better wages.  We know that securing a UK Work Permit can be a headache, though. If you work in IT, engineering, telecom, or finance, our partners can sponsor your Tier 2 Work Permit!

Sound good? Just provide your details in this brief form and we’ll get back to you. We specialise in helping consultants work in the UK and all of our services are free.

We also have extensive information on UK Work Permits, as well as case studies demonstrating how our services have helped consultants work in the UK.

If you want an example of how we operate, we’ve provided one such case study below

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Case study: from permanent position to consultant

Simone, a New Zealand SAP Consultant was working in a permanent position for a global company in London.

Many of her colleagues were doing the same role, only working as consultants for a consultancy. They were earning over 60% more than she was. Her Work Permit was tied to the company, but a colleague referred her to and she works for & is sponsored by a Consultancy. Her job is more enjoyable and she’s earning more than double.

Who doesn’t want more freedom & more money?