How to Find Sponsorship Jobs in the UK

A Tier 2 work visa requires sponsorship from a UK company, meaning you’ll need to find a sponsored job with an employer who is appropriately licensed. Following the changes to immigration law made in 2011 most workers will enter on this tier 2 work permit.

Which jobs offer visa sponsorship in the UK?

In order to provide a sponsored job in the UK, a company must be a licensed sponsor on the country’s register. Some companies may even seek licensure specifically to hire you, but go here to check out an official list of existing sponsors. Large companies are more likely to be registered.

How to Find Sponsorship jobs in the UK

Are there any limitations on sponsored jobs in the UK?

You need to be working for the company who is officially sponsoring your work permit, and your primary source of income must be from this work. This means if you are after permanent employment you need to get sponsored by the end client, and they must be licensed to issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Sponsorship for consulting work in the UK

If you want to pursue consulting work on a Tier 2 permit then you need to get sponsored by a consulting company. We specialise in matching up consultants with companies who can help them.

How we help with sponsored jobs in the UK

We’re partners with numerous UK companies who are licensed to sponsor work permits. Working with them, we can provide detailed answers on their services and your best options for a sponsored job in the UK.

We regularly help consultants such as business analysts, testers, software developers, oil and gas workers, telecommunications contractors, and IT project managers get sponsorship.

We do all of this for free. You aren’t obligated in any way, so contact us now for free, candid advice on starting a sponsored consulting job with one of our UK partners.

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