Tax Calculator Indonesia

Tax Calculator Indonesia

This is an income tax calculator for Indonesia.

Indonesian residents qualify for personal tax relief as seen in the table below. The calculator only includes the individual tax-free allowance of IDR 24,300,000.

Non-residents are subject to a 20% withholding tax on any income sourced within Indonesia.

This calculator uses IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). If you need to convert another currency into IDR, please

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Indonesian residents also qualify for personal tax relief as follows

Individual Taxpayer allowance IDR 24,300,000
Allowance for spouse IDR 2,025,000
Allowance for each dependant (maximum 3) IDR 2,025,000
Occupational expenses can be claimed as a blanket deduction at 5% of gross income. There is a maximum claimable of IDR 6,000,000 per year (500,000 per month) IDR 6,000,000