How We Help Contractors

How we help contractors

When you’re considering an international contract, you’re probably going to have at least a couple of issues to hurdle beforehand.

These issues can pile up, especially when you’re already dealing with all the other complications that go along with big changes in work or location. We can help you figure out your best options for payments, taxes, visas and any other concerns you might face during an international contract.

Our local partners offer specialist tax advice and work permit sponsorship. They handle all the legwork in getting set up. They consolidate a large amount of administration that contractors would otherwise have to sort out themselves and ensure legal compliance while optimising your earnings overseas.

Since we have an extensive background in facilitating international specialist work, we’re better able to understand your specific circumstances and can offer straightforward advice. With a large, global network of providers, we can get you started with the best solutions based on your needs.

Because we work on commissions from leads, all of our advice and services are completely free to you. We can get you in touch with a provider, but we never give anyone your details without your explicit permission.

For free, and with no obligation, we can help you with questions like:

  • How will you get your money?
  • Are you able to see and file you’re your invoices and timesheets online?
  • Are you covered by health, workers compensation and professional indemnity insurance?
  • How much will you net after all taxes, fees and social deductions?
  • Will your visa status allow you to change jobs or gain permanent residency?
  • Are you claiming your full expense entitlement?
  • Who will file your taxes and in which jurisdiction?
  • What documentation will you need?

Unfortunately, we can’t organise work for you and can’t generally help with permanent placements. If you need help getting work then we suggest using recruitment agents and job sites. But if you’re organising an international contract get in touch with us and let us know your situation.

What happens when you contact us?

First, we’ll listen to your circumstances and ask for the information that we need. That information will depend on the services you need and the country of your assignment, but might include:

  • Your job title and assignment.
  • Your earnings rate.
  • Assignment start date and length.
  • Your nationality.
  • Whether you plan to travel alone or with dependents.
  • Your professional qualifications.
  • Your current country of tax residency.

Based on your situation and requirements, we check for a solution with our partners. After ensuring the solution will work for you, we send you the details about your net retention, how it works and what you need to do next.

If you’re happy with the solution, we’ll introduce you to the supplier. After this, we’ll follow up with you throughout the process to make sure your needs are being met. You decide if want to use their services.


Common questions from contractors

Is your partner trustworthy? Will I be at risk?

We perform a thorough assessment before partnering with all suppliers to ensure that their solutions are compliant, risk-minimising, and reliable. Our considerable background in contractor solutions means we have the experience to expertly determine supplier performance.

Additionally, we continue tracking their performance through feedback from contractors and clients. We relay this feedback to our partners so that they can continue improving their performance. If a supplier is not providing consistent, dependable solutions, we end the partnership.

Is the solution proven? Who else is using it?

Each month, we help hundreds of contractors sort out their options; 90% of these contractors report our services helpful. Over a quarter go on to use our partners’ services and, on average, these contractors save an estimated £21,000 more than they would on a standard payroll.  You can jump here to read case studies or read through some of the comments from previous customers on Duncan’s  or Tim’s LinkedIn profile.

Why do I need a contract offer before I can get sponsored for a work permit?

In almost all countries, your work sponsorship will depend on a company making commitments to the immigration department. The company assures the government that they are your “employer” and that you will be on the payroll.

Generally, they can’t take on these obligations without knowing that your earnings will be able to fund this payroll. As a result, they won’t sponsor contractors until there’s a confirmed contract offer.

Case studies

To further explore how our services have helped others, you can read these case studies from Germany and Switzerland.

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