8 Tips to Attract and Retain Globally Mobile Contractors

Companies Worldwide are Looking to Attract and Retain Global Talents and Contractors.

Are you also looking for top contractors who can bring you their skills no matter where you are located? Well, you are not the only one.

Because of the demand for quality contractors in the global marketplace, companies need to develop a plan to attract and retain those with above-average skills and broad experience.   In many cases, talented contractors are not looking for job security, but prefer projects that utilize their talents and lead to other lucrative contracts.

As part of a recruitment and retention strategy, a business or placement firm looking for globally mobile contractors can use innovative approaches to create attractive assignments that are both flexible and can lead to ongoing or repeat engagements.

1.    Utilize Mobile Recruiting Sites and Social Media Apps to Reach Contractors

Mobile apps + social media =the optimal high-tech recruitment solution

With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to align your recruitment strategy with mobile apps and tools(link is external). While email has been a preferred method of sharing open positions and your employer brand, the use of SMS messaging via mobile phones is an increasing necessity to locate top talent.

Once you get a candidate to opt-in, you can use basic fields to sort out the best contractors and then they have the choice to receive targeted job alerts.  Go ahead and make it easy for them to be a part of your talent network.

It is also wise to leverage active sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, where contractors may have a presence and can be easily contacted and cultivated. There are some helpful hints in this article here.

Embrace Unconventional Reward Options Like Flexibility and Mobility

It’s not about where you are, it’s about what you do…and how well.

In the same way that employers offer benefits to secure the commitment of employees, you can attract contractors by illustrating the rewards of being on your team.  Demonstrating a culture of open rapport and respect for unusual work methods says more about your company than a plain job description.

If you show that an assignment has flexible work hours and allows for personal mobility, then they know the project is focused on the work product, and not ‘how’ or ‘where’ it is done.  By leading with these aspects, you show a contractor that you understand their priorities…and unique talents.

3.    Have Housing and Healthcare and Wellness Perks

Hey, you can work with us, live with us….and we have a gym.

You can use employee-type benefits to attract contractors, including extending healthcare or wellness plans, and housing allowances or reimbursement, especially if an assignment requires an extended stay near the home office.  This can be appealing to highly mobile contractors who maintain a home in another country, but are free to spend time away.  But the fact is that they still want to be comfortable, have access to healthcare, and keep their fitness regime going.

4.    Offer Training and Development

Working with our company will make you better at your profession.

Many recruitment firms or companies will offer training opportunities to contractors as a way to expand on the skills that relate to the assignment.  This is a great benefit for independent workers who may not have access to the most up to date methodologies, and also provides some interaction with others in the same field.

5.    Use Software Tools to Document and Streamline the Admin Process

Managing the hiring of multiple contractors requires tools for administration, but the main goal is to hire the best skill set as soon as possible and then streamline the process of engaging the worker.   Some platforms can automate this for you, for example promoting a candidate to complete an application through email reminders or SMS messages.

Tools that ease the tasks of contracting, invoicing, payment and project parameters can make life easier for your incoming contractor, as well as saving you valuable time.  So, why not use them to impress the candidate, even before they commit.

6.    Reach the Women in the Global Workforce

Independent contractor status appeals to the increasing number of highly skilled women in the workforce, who may no longer be interested in traditional employment.  Flexible work hours and project-based assignments can attract women who may have families or are more interested in short term contracts rather than full-time jobs.

When recruiting women contractors, consider the results of this(link is external) study from Australia that showed most male contractors were in the technical or trades arena, while women were more likely to contract for professional roles, scientific or clerical work.

7.    Review Communications Solutions to Show That You are Prepared

Before you hire a worker for an assignment be sure to have the tools (link is external)to keep mobile contractors informed and engaged. Internal social networks and messaging apps such as Slack will show your prospective hire that you are prepared to support them, regardless of their location or role.

8.    Seek Ways to Enhance Collaboration

When you have a mix of employees and contractors it is important to have a system(link is external) in place to support collaboration.  The use of telework technologies can offer a solution for remote contractors, using network access to the company via a VPN.  This approach is even being used with some success by government agencies, who require worker interface even when the physical office cant be accessed due to weather or personal issues.


Attracting the top contractors in a given field requires creativity and the use of modern technology for access and cultivation.  If you can look at an assignment from their point of view, you may come up with additional ideas to show that you understand their need for flexibility, mobility and quality work tools.  Even if you have employees, skilled contractors need to feel they are part of your team, and integrated with their special talents and contributions.