Work Permit Sponsorship UK

I need a UK work permit sponsor for my next assignment. What are the requirements?


Basically you need to earn more than £24000 per year to qualify for UK work permit sponsorship provided that your position passes the resident labour market test. Our partners are expert in the Tier 2 process and will assess your circumstances for free. All we need is some basic information about your situation. What have you got to lose?

Hi, I am working as a Software engineer. I have 4+years of experience on iT and 9years of non iT experience. Currently I am working at Singapore. I am getting 3000S$/per month. Can I get workpermit visa? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We can help you provided you can get a contract offer - but certainly 4 years of IT and 13 years total work experience is enough to qualify for a work permit. Note I've deleted your email address and phone to protect your privacy but we will respond to your application through the webform.

hi i am a construction skill worker.currently i am working in singapore. i am getting $1350 per month. can i get a work permit visa for me. your sincerely palash majumder

Hi Palash At the moment we can't help construction workers as our partners can only sponsor work permits in the IT, engineering, finance, telecommunications and energy industries. We are constantly seeking new partners in the UK and across the world - so we will let you know if we find an organisation who can sponsor a construction worker for UK.