Who are you guys?

Who is running this site and how do you know all this stuff?
Contractor Taxation Vocabulary: 

Thanks for asking, you can see more information in the ABOUT US section, but here is some background. We’ve worked in Recruitment, in Banking, in IT and in Contractor Management. We’ve worked for and with Management Companies and Sponsorship Agencies around the world. We’ve moved contractors to and from all corners of the globe. We even ran our own CMC for many years - a wonderful adventure that brought us into contact with some great people. From all this experience we learnt that service, trust and competence are the most important attributes. The financial administration is actually really difficult with serious penalties for errors - even if it's just your own limited company. In reality this should always be dealt with by professionals. Why? You can see more on this HERE. http://contractortaxation.com/?q=content/why-use-contractor-management-c... As the markets have become more sophisticated and competitive - combined with the jurisdiction of taxation and immigration receiving an always increasing level of scrutiny from governments around the world - its a tough market to operate in.