Who is ContractorTaxation.com? Whats the benefit for me?

What are your services and charges?
Contractor Taxation Vocabulary: 

Our business model is simply information and referrals - similar to a mortgage broker. We don’t charge you, the contractor, anything. Our revenue comes from the Contractor Management Companies, Accountants, Lawyers and other providers whose services we review and refer to you. Because all of our providers know we are dealing with both them and their competition we get access to their best and most competitive products. What does all this mean for you? You are ahead on several fronts: 1) You don’t pay 2) You get a full range of offerings that individual companies can’t supply 3) No mumbo jumbo, no pushy sales hype - just the benefit of our collective 25 years experience in contractor taxation and immigration. Our revenue streams from each referral are so small that our business only works based on large volume, long term traffic. We’re well aware that the only path to this is to provide good, reliable information that gives you a real benefit. Your success is our success! 4) Did we mention that you don’t pay? 5) We’ll make sure you understand which is the solution most applicable to your individual circumstances whilst also giving you all the options. Where else are you going to get impartial advice? More about us http://contractortaxation.com/what-we-do