Moving from a Work Permit ICT to a Work Permit General Visa

If you’re working in the UK under an intra company transfer work permit, switching to a Tier 2 general UK work permit allows you to work for a different company. Changing between the two is simple if your ICT was issued before April 2010 - holders of any class of ICT visa can switch to Tier 2, but things are a little more complex for those issued after then.

  • If your ICT was issued after April 2010 but before April 2011 and you are under an ICT for "Established Staff", you can only switch to a Tier 2 General visa.
  • If your ICT was issued after April 2011 then you must sit out a 12 month cooling off period before you can be sponsored on a Tier 2 General Work Permit.

For permanent employees who meet the switching criteria above the process is straightforward - you just get the new employer to process a Tier 2 for you. 

Switching Tier 2 Visa

When Do You Need to Change to a Work Permit General Visa?

You should change to a work permit general visa as soon as you receive a new job offer. The work permit ICT is specifically for people transferring to the UK under their existing employer, so you need to switch to a Tier 2 general work permit visa if you do work for any other company.

UK Sponsored Work

What are the Requirements for a Tier 2 UK Work Permit?

The Tier 2 UK work permit operates under a points system, with each applicant requiring at least 70. You receive 10 for having sufficient funds in the bank (£900 or equivalent), 10 for English language ability, 20 for prospective earnings of more than £20,000 per annum and 30 for sponsorship. Your sponsor is the company who will be employing you during your stay. 


Switching Tier 2 from ICT to General

How We Can Help You Switch to a Tier 2 UK Work Permit?

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we’ll check with the experts for accurate answers. We can also suggest the most suitable companies if you need help with sponsorship. Our advice is completely free, and you’re under no obligations. 

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