UK US Citizenship

My wife and I are Americans working in London. We're expecting our first child and are hoping that he or she will get dual USA UK citizenship because the baby will be born in London?

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A US Citizen can acquire dual citizenship to any country as long as by taking citizenship in a foreign country they don't have "the intention to give up US citizenship". You probably don't want to renounce your US Citizenship For the UK its the same, you're always a British citizen unless you actively renounce your British citizenship - which apparently involves sending in a form. Bit boring really, it would be better if you had to go to a British High Commission, British Embassy or British Consulate and hand over your passport with a dramatic speech about how you wish to renounce Brtitish citizenship! However babies born in the UK after 1983 will ONLY be UK citizens at birth if at least one of the parents is considered to be settled or resident in the UK at the time of birth. Settlement is typically only acquired by expats when they get Indefinite Leave to Remain or British Citizenship. So if you're only in UK temporarily then your child won't qualify unfortunately. Of course if you stay long enough to get your own British Citizenship then your child will have a claim as the child of a British Citizen. You're best advised to check with a qualified immigration advisor as to your exact circumstances. Have you seen our post on how to find an immigration lawyer? Here is a good (unofficial) guide to dual citizenship US including Frequently Asked Questions. Hope this has helped!