UK government alienating businesses with immigration caps

The UK governments ham fisted approach to quotas on Tier 2 work permits has made waves with a lot of employers for all the wrong reasons. The outrage has been uniform across a range of industries. In the words of Boris Johnson, the mayor of London a "...cap could be very detrimental to the free movement of the talented, creative and enterprising people who have enabled London to be such a dominant global force."

Its had an immediate impact on employers that have gone through expensive search and selection processes to locate niche skills only to be unable to bring them to the UK. The government seems oblivious to the fact that if the skills were easily available firms would save themselves the time and money and hire locals. This is especially true in areas with long term chronic shortages like engineering and IT where you can't train up local talent overnight.

Particularly affected are law firms. In recent years they have been actively targeting candidates from common law regions like Australia and India but are now hampered from recruiting. This may bring further pressure on the UK legal industry due to the growing opportunities in India and increased cost effectiveness of outsourced legal resources.

There is clear dissension within the government about the policy and a consultation with business is currently underway. We can only hope that a reasonable compromise is found.

Client comment

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