UK Work Permit Process

The process of getting a work permit in the UK has three parts: you must get offered a suitable role with sponsorship, your employer makes the application and then you activate your entry clearance.

UK Contractor Work Permit

Getting Sponsorship for a UK Work Permit

If you’re from outside the EEA/EU you need to be sponsored for your work permit by your prospective employer. If you change your employer, your permit has to be processed again and you have to pay additional fees. 

Work Permit For Contractor in UK

Applying for Your Tier 2 UK Work Permit

 Before you can apply for a UK Tier 2 work permit, you also have to have 70 “points,” which are awarded for meeting certain criteria. You’ll get 30 for your sponsorship, 20 for receiving a suitable salary, 10 for English language skill and 10 for having sufficient monetary funds. When you’ve fulfilled these requirements, you can send your application. This has to be done within three months of the date on your certificate of sponsorship.

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Activate your Entry Clearance

When you have your sponsorship approved and have received the confirmation of the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) you need to get to your nearest British Consultate or High Commission in order to apply for Entry Clearance. This is a straightforward albeit expensive process. The cost varies by country, as does the processing time. But the application process is fairly straightforward.

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How Do We Help Speed up the UK Work Permit Process?

If you have any questions about obtaining a UK Tier 2 work permit, we’ll contact the experts for an up-to-date, reliable answer. We give great advice, and it comes at no charge and with no obligation.

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