Tier 5 / Youth Mobility Scheme / Working Holiday Visas

Contractor Taxation Vocabulary: 

This is a two year visa that allows you to work freely. Its great if you can get it. There are only two down sides to it:

1) You can stay for 24 months, but can only work for 12 months of that time. As you can imagine its quite difficult to police whether you work 12 or 15 months of your 24 month stay.

2) The time spent in the UK under a working holiday doesnt count towards Indefinite Leave to Remain applications. So if you want to qualify for residency at some point, the working holiday isn't the best choice.

To Qualify you must be able to show that you:

* are a citizen of a country listed in Appendix 3 which details all countries participating in the Working Holiday Maker scheme of the Immigration Rules, a British Overseas Territories citizen, a British Overseas citizen or a British National (Overseas)

* are aged between 17 and 30

* want to come to the UK for an extended holiday, and intend to take employment as part of your holiday for no more than 12 months during your stay

* do not intend to set yourself up in or run a business, or work as a professional sportsperson during your stay

* are single, or that you are married to, or the civil partner of someone who also qualifies as a working holidaymaker and you plan to take the working holiday together

* do not have any dependent children aged five or over, or who will be five before your holiday ends

* can support yourself in the UK without needing any help from public funds. In practice this means you need to show enough money to pay for transport to the UK and two months worth of living expenses.

* have not spent time in the UK on a previous working holidaymaker visa, and

* intend to leave the UK at the end of your holiday. For more information or help with your application please ask us.