Taxation Case Studies

Scenario 1: Stephanie from Brisbane works as a business analyst for a bank in the city. Her agency had recommended an approved payment firm that processed her earnings through an administered Limited Company. After all taxes and management fees, she was receiving a net return after income tax and national insurance of around 65%. She was living comfortably, but not seeing her bank balance increase as she had hoped. After meeting with one of our tax management partners she was able to significantly increase this return. She was soon getting an 85% return on her gross billing and seeing her savings increase substantially.

Tax Saving UK

Scenario 2: Mark from Vancouver had been working in the UK for 18 months and was looking to buy a property back home to stay in touch with a booming property market. However his current umbrella company, whilst offering a decent return, were unable to advise him on the complexities of dual taxation between Canada and the United Kingdom. He was worried that moving a large sum of money back to Canada and purchasing a property may have tax implications. Furthermore it was proving difficult to explain to Canadian mortgage brokers how his earnings were being generated. Luckily he contacted us and our financial management partner was able to assist him. Together they mapped out a plan to move his savings back, with all the documentation to show it was fully franked. Additionally he was able to show proof of earnings that satisfied his Canadian bank to give him a mortgage offer. Even better he was able to also talk to a UK broker who could offer him a mortgage fixed in pounds. He'd gone from no solution to having to choose between several!  

Tax Reduction UK

Scenario 3: Willem from Johannesburg was caught in a dilemma. Many of his colleagues were going through schemes that seemed to offer much greater returns than he was getting, but with a young family to support and his monthly remittances to his parents in South Africa, he couldnt afford to take any risks. The last thing he needed was a bill or a fine from the Inland Revenue for unpaid taxes. We were able to have him meet one of our partner firms who specialised in prudent financial planning. It turned from their conversation that Willem wanted to remain in the UK for 3-5 years until he could apply for his British Citizenship, but ultimately his dream was to move to Australia as his wifes family had settled in Melbourne. Our partner organised a tailored solution for him that took into account his non-domicile status in the UK and Willems desire for security. They provided a range of low risk financial structures including discounted health insurance and a tax free pension plan contribution that he could transfer to a personally managed super fund in Australia. Suddenly instead of paying tax on his earnings and then tax on the interest on his savings, he was making tax-free contributions to a fund that he would eventually use to buy his family home!

Umbrella Tax

Client comment

"Great advice and excellent service on contracting and immigration solutions in the UK. I would highly recommend Tim and the team to assist you with accurate, clear and concise contracting advice in the UK or any other country for that matter."

Prishen Pillay,Global DBA Operations Lead

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