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The UK temporary employment market is dominated by the services sector, in particular financial services. 15% of the total UK workforce works in Banking, Finance, Insurance, etc. As the gateway to Europe and home to many multinationals London is an attractive, and even essential home for large international banks and trading houses. 

This also feeds a huge range of other related industries and services like Information Technology, Legal, Advertising, etc. As the global finance capital this industry tends to drive the market, especially in terms of rates. The volume of roles tends not to fluctuate that heavily, but payment rates spike when the investment banks are performing well.

Although ever increasing government spending on a wide range of projects has lead to more stability for contractors. Over 25% of the total workforce is contained within the public administration, education and health industries. Standard fulltime working hours: 37.5 per week. 

It's a commonly held opinion that the UK IT market tends to work in 7 year cycles. However, even in leaner periods there are still numerable contract roles available although pay rates decrease.

For more information on roles and rates in the UK contractor market see the following links. Remember it is best use a spreadsheet or some system to keep track of all your job applications, especially if you're using multiple versions of your CV. We recommend this app for Android users. Built by a long time recruitment agent, it tracks your applications, CV's and also has advice on CV writing, job search and interview techniques together with little known secrets. Jobs Aggregator for the UK


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