Tier1 visa renewal?’

What are criteria for proving the earnings on my visa renewal?
Contractor Taxation Vocabulary: 

The Border Agency will look at any fully taxed income. In basic terms this means Pay As You Earn Salary where they look at the gross (before tax) figures. This is easily supported by payslips and bank statements. Other income such as dividends and rental income, will be considered but must be shown to be declared for tax. Tier 1 renewal This means if you are running your own limited company you’ll need to show you’ve paid personal income tax on all dividend payments as well as your companies obligation to pay the corporation tax. So you’ll need to show personal tax returns, bank statements, dividend slips, company bank statements and company accounts. Other forms of earnings like trust disbursements, loans and so on are not counted.

If you're contracting you should choose a high payroll Tier 1 umbrella structure to get paid, if you want to be sure that you'll get the points you need for your Tier 1 visa renewal.