HSMP renewal refused on salary?'

I've been contracting on an HSMP and my renewal was refused. They said my salary through the umbrella company was too low. Can I make a new HSMP application?
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Even if you made a completely new application it would be refused as they would look at your last 12 months of earnings. Unfortunately if you aren't paid a high payroll - no matter what payment structure you go through - then your renewal or HSMP application will always be in jeopardy. In your situation the recommended course of action is to get a Tier 2 work permit and contract through one of our partners. You'll still net 75% of gross billing and after 12 months you can reapply for a HSMP based on your new salary figures. And the time on the HSMP and Tier 2 would all count towards your residency / ILR application. http://contractortaxation.com/?q=uk/tier-2-work-permit-information