Old Rules for the Status of HSMP Extension?'

I can't find hsmp news about the change to highly skilled worker visa extension. I got my visa in 2006 and am due for renewal this year. Everything I see on the home office hsmp site is about tier 1 visa?

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Highly skilled migrants who were given the visa before 5th December 2006 get to operate still under the old rules. Assuming your visa was from before 5th December here is the info. Otherwise you should see this post about new rules for HSMP visa extensions

We also have information about the financial requirements - salary levels required for HSMP extension. Our basic advice is always the same. Be super cautious, give as much or more documentation than is required, keep copies of EVERYTHING, send it registered mail, if you are unsure or can afford it use an immigration lawyer to help.

The basic requirements for supporting documentation for the renewal from the Border Agency / Home Office HSMP renewal guidance is to show the following:

- your economic activity and your personal earnings to date if you are employed, during your stay under the Programme;

- evidence of the business you have established if you are self-employed, such as a business plan and evidence that you have established a business bank account;

- if you are not economically active you will need to provide evidence to show that you have taken all reasonable steps to do so during your stay in the UK, e.g. several job applications relevant to your skills and experience.

From feedback we get through HSMP visa holders who have been denied extensions or had trouble with renewal of their higly skilled worker visa we STRONGLY suggest that you whereever possible show fully declared, PAYE (pay as you earn) salary above the maximum points on your initial requirement. If you show more than £40,000 you'll be fine.

If you run your own Limited Company and take a low salary with high Dividends then you are likely face extra difficulty with your renewal. And particularly if you are going through an Employee Benefit Trust, Offshore Trust or Loan Schemes. We have so many questions on minimum salary levels for Tier 2 extensions and HSMP renewals.

The official guidance or help with extension to HSMP application forms is here. It only covers applications granted before 5th December 2006.

You can also find the actual extension to hsmp application formhere.

Hope it helps and good luck with your renewal!!