The Immigration Rules change from 2010

The new Home Secretary is putting some additional levels on top of the controls introduced last year. These include interim quota's for Tier 1 visa's and the "per employer" quota's that will apply to Tier 2 visa's. Additionally the points threshold has been raised by 5 points.

The announcement has drawn a lot of criticism from industry bodies like Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and it's not surprising. This extra level of control sends the message to skilled migrants that the UK isn't going to make it easier for them to come in. It's a shame because Britain remains major drawcard for the best and brightest world wide.

For HR and recruiters it just got that little bit harder to bring hard to find skills from overseas, but in real terms the Tier 2 quota should only matter to the largest employers.

Contracting will be a different story under the Tier 1 quota and it will continue the negative impact on availability of highly skilled contract workers. Most skilled workers continue to value their independence and flexibility over benefits of long term employment.

What the rule makers are missing, in this instance, is that the UK is in a global competition to attract and retain this talent. They need to be empowering their employers - and by extension their sourcing functions - to attract talent under the terms they wish to work.

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