How to Apply for a Work Permit Visa to Work in the United Kingdom

If you’re from outside the European Economic Area and you’re hoping to start working in the UK you need to apply for a work permit visa. Understanding the application process and the requirements is vital to getting your UK work permit in time for your move. This is a general guide, but the rules and regulations change regularly, so it also helps to get up-to-date advice from a professional.

Apply for a UK Work Visa

How Do I Start the Process of Getting a UK Work Permit Visa?

The catalyst for the entire process of getting your UK work permit visa is the initial offer of a job. You need a sponsor in order to get your permit, and your employer will cover you for your entire stay if you’re going to be a permanent employee. Your prospective earnings will also be taken into account, you need to be earning at least the amount the UKBA has set as the minimum earning requirement for your skill set.

UK Work Permit Process

When Should I Apply for a UK Work Permit Visa?

Your employer can apply for your UK work permit visa as soon as they have offered you a job and run the RLMT and have met the other requirements. You need to have maintenance funds of at least £900 in your bank account for 31 days leading up to the date of your application, a sponsor and proof of your English language ability. It ordinarily takes up to six weeks to process your UK work permit visa, but you should apply as soon as possible. You also need to include proof of things like your qualifications and employment history.

Get a UK Work Permit Visa

How We Can Help You get a UK Work Permit Visa

We are partners with numerous UK Consultancies, and we have a comprehensive knowledge of their services and specialties. We can use our links with them to offer you up-to-date information on the current UK work permit legislation, and we can suggest potential employers. We regularly help oil and gas workers, telecommunications consultants, IT project managers, software developers, testers and business analysts get UK work permit visas. Our advice is completely free and you are under no obligation, so get in touch with us today! 

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