Resources Transformify and Contractor Taxation: A New Solution for Recruiting and Managing Remote Contractors

Transformify and Contractor Taxation: A New Solution for Recruiting and Managing Remote Contractors

If you are a staffing agency or recruiter for businesses that use international contractors, we want to make you aware of a new service in partnership with Transformify.  If you haven’t heard of Transformify, they offer a state-of-the-art online platform to access and manage global talent through their array of services.

One of the challenges with recruiting and hiring international contractors is initiating and managing the relationship, so that both the end client and contractor are satisfied with the outcome.  The main issues that arise are project completion and quality, proper invoicing and prompt secure payment.  This is where Transformify comes in, to provide an end-to-end solution to address these core challenges facing recruiters and their clients.

The Transformify CSR Recruitment Platform to Access Global Talent

The Transformify goal is simple: to make it easier and more efficient for you to locate and hire top contractors in any field, as well as manage any number of candidates in your portfolio.  Transformify’s services are especially suited to the recruitment and management of remote contractors, no matter where they are located around the globe.

As businesses look for a broader talent pool or to implement expansion plans, Transformify provides the means to locate and hire remote workers based on their specific skills and experience.  Once a qualified contractor is hired, the online platform offers an ongoing resource for project and contractor management, either long-term or shorter engagements.

As an added benefit, all Transformify’s services that are used through a Contractor Taxation referral will be discounted by 10% for the first twelve months. (link is external)

Transformify’s Products and Services

Transformify’s services are multifaceted and designed to support your recruitment efforts at every stage.

Job Board and Candidate Locator

The Transformify Applicant Tracking System (ATS) gives you access to a pool of available contractors in their database, where you can schedule interviews and track the candidates that you are interested in.  The software uses an algorithm that searches our database to find candidates that match your expectations and the client’s business needs.

All of the information is then managed on an easy-to-use recruitment dashboard, where you can post projects and communicate your client’s ongoing talent needs to contractors.

Recruitment Software and CRM

Transformify’s recruitment software helps you manage the contractors that you work with, by defining the project terms, invoicing and payments.  The billing and payment system is automated, generating invoices, submitting secure payments and ensuring project terms have been met.  Invoices are also issued to the end business client for a complete B2B service.

All of this virtually eliminates the risks and hassle of using remote contractors across international borders and creates a forum for clear communication and collaboration.

Payroll Facility for Contractors

One of the challenges for remote and international contractors is payment processing, and Transformify offers a payment platform that ensures project completion, client satisfaction and prompt payment to the contractor.  This service is free for contractors and the end client pays a fee.

Transformify and Contractor Taxation

If you are interested, you can read more about these unique Transformify services here (the link is external)or feel free to contact us at Contractor Taxation with any questions.

Contractor Taxation is the perfect complement to the Transformify service with our expertise in obtaining work permits, calculating tax and statutory contributions and all other relocation challenges.

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