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UK Work Permits

Working as a consultant in the UK can give you more control over your work, more freedom, and better wages.  We know that securing a UK Work Permit can be a headache, though. If you work in IT, engineering, telcom, or finance, our partners can sponsor your Tier 2 Work Permit!

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Tier 2 - Sponsored UK Work Permit Information

All Tier 2 Work Visas (or UK Work Permits) require employer sponsorship; your stay in the UK depends on that employment. The Tier 2 General Visa is valid for three years, and is renewable for a further two. If you’re looking for sponsorship, you should first assess the market demand for your skillset. You can also consult our job seeker kit to find work that can help with sponsorship.

UK government alienating businesses with immigration caps

The UK governments ham fisted approach to quotas on Tier 2 work permits has made waves with a lot of employers for all the wrong reasons. The outrage has been uniform across a range of industries. In the words of Boris Johnson, the mayor of London a "...cap could be very detrimental to the free movement of the talented, creative and enterprising people who have enabled London to be such a dominant global force."

UK visa limits hurt movement of professionals around the globe

Do you believe in the free movement of international professionals around the globe? Do you think each country should make this process easier and simpler rather than pursuing the small minded xenophobic protectionist policies that seem to be the norm presently? Surely every country would benefit from allowing skilled contract workers to be allowed to come in and perform a particular role for a short term project.

Types of Work Permit Visa

If you’re considering working in the UK, finding out about the different types of work permit visa helps you understand your options. For consultants in fields such as telecommunications, oil and gas, software development, business analysis, testing and IT project managements, the Tier 2 UK work permit visa is the most commonly used. In some circumstances there will also be additional options available to you.

Tier 1

What is a Tier 1 UK Work Permit Visa?

Work Permit Visa Rules for the UK

Learning about the rules governing UK work permit visas helps you understand what is required of you if you want a permit. Sponsorship is central to the Tier 2 UK work permit visa, and the associated rules are of special importance. There are also important rules about changing employers and the length of time you’re allowed to stay in the country which are relevant to contractors.

UK Work Permit Rules

How to Get a Work Permit Visa for the UK

You need to get a work permit visa to work in the UK, but the process isn’t always easy. Learning about the different steps you need to take to get your work permit visa for the UK can help you decide on the best course of action. There will always be some administrative work involved, but if you take the right steps you can reduce it dramatically.

Work Permit for the UK

How Do I Get Sponsorship for a UK Work Permit Visa?