Case Studies

Study 1 - The Client:

An ERP software consultancy won a project with a client in Singapore to do a major upgrade. It was to be delivered in 3 phases: firstly a proof of concept (POC) which, if successful, would lead to a full blown implementation. Finally there would be ongoing support and maintenance. Like many consulting companies they had a very lean internal administrative structure, meaning they lacked the resources to setup and administer a Singaporean office. Additionally they weren't guaranteed the project would extend beyond the pilot phase - so they were wary of committing too much by incorporating locally. But they did need to get half a dozen staff on the ground with Employment Passes immediately. An internet search led them to us, and after examining their situation we recommended one of our partners in Singapore.

The partner organised sponsorship of their consultants on Employment Passes which were processed within a week. The consultants started work on the client site in Singapore and delivered a knockout POC. The client increased the scope of the project to include several other applications and so the consultancy decided to setup a branch office to manage the workload. Our partner company provided advice and recommended local legal, immigration and tax specialists to assist with setting up the subsidiary. The consultants were easily transitioned from our partner company to their local office and everything was seamless as far as the end client was concerned.

Study 2 – Contractor:

A freelance Oil and Gas specialist was searching for a country in Asia where he could base himself between rotations on Oil Rigs. His requirements were low taxes, high quality of life, excellent transportation (especially flights) and he wanted a warm climate. He wanted to be paid locally but his clients and recruiters frequently insisted that he invoice them from a European or American umbrella company. He contacted Contractor Taxation whilst investigating Singapore as a potential destination. Agreeing with him that it met all his criteria, we introduced him to a couple of Singaporean umbrella companies that were part of a global network. They could handle his contracts, arrange his Singaporean visa and invoice his clients from the USA, Switzerland, UK or Asia. They also offered up some innovative ideas on how he could utilise his travel and nationality to reduce his tax bill. He decided to proceed with Singapore and one of our recommended partners. Within a month he was billing through his new structure and enjoying the delights of the Lion City.

Study 3 - Recruiter:

London based recruitment agent, Martin, had been given a job spec for a contractor to work in Singapore. The contractor was a Singaporean national and just needed local pay-rolling for the duration of her contract in Singapore. Martin had used us previously for a number of contractors he had placed in the Middle East, and when he asked us for help we were able to give his contractor a quote on their take home income being payrolled through a Singaporean payroll company. The contractor signed the contract that same day and was setup through our partner company within 24 hours. Martin's client was so impressed with how quickly he closed the deal they added him to their regional preferred supplier list.

Client comment

"Great advice and excellent service on contracting and immigration solutions in the UK. I would highly recommend Tim and the team to assist you with accurate, clear and concise contracting advice in the UK or any other country for that matter."

Prishen Pillay,Global DBA Operations Lead

Shell International Trading & Shipping