5 reasons why every recruiter should be sending feedback to their candidates

The last article discussed the annoying fact that very few recruiters give feedback to job applicants. The Job Seeking Piggy feels this is a big mistake, both in terms of politeness and sales strategy. In fact a sales strategy that doesn't incorporate politeness and responsiveness at its foundation is a poor one, but thats a topic for another day. Now to be clear in this instance the pig is talking about feedback to an application such as emailing in a CV.

It isn't conceivable to this little pig that a recruiter wouldn't give feedback to a candidate after sending their CV to a client or the candidate interviews with the client. Please tell the pig this never happens! 

Here's 5 reasons why every recruiter should be sending feedback to their candidates: 

  1. It helps you stand out. This is an advantage when every recruitment firm offers the same buzzword laden services. It is, in effect, free advertising for your services and expertise.
  2. Candidates really appreciate it. The candidates of today are the clients of tomorrow and they remember who treated them well. Here at Contractor Taxation we regularly get emails from people thanking us for responding to their email - even when all we did was email them to say we couldn't help them. They are much more likely to remember to come back to us when we can help them. The converse is also true - many applicants won't send their CV in for roles to companies where they don't even get feedback.
  3. Its really easy. It only takes a couple of minutes. IT or technical recruiters will mostly deal with candidates who know how easy it is to do a mail merge which makes it all the more annoying to them if it doesn't happen. We'll even show you some ways to setup automated feedback emails.
  4. It is a great chance to start a dialogue with your target market - at the very moment they are most open to your services. Surely you want to attract the best candidates and help them be more placeable? The information you gather gives you greater understanding of your candidates and the market. It is also invaluable in demonstrating your expertise to your clients. The Job Seeking Piggy, in its previous incarnation as an IT Recruiter, was able to dazzle clients by telling them what candidates were generally looking for in terms of training and career progression or what they really thought of upgrading to the latest software release. Clients can use this to make better decisions, deliver more compelling offers and attract better employees.
  5. Its good manners... the kind your parents taught you. 

Contractor Taxation is releasing a course that shows how to setup automated feedback emails and has proven templates that improve your reputation with the best candidates. You can get it for free by sending an email.

Client comment

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Prishen Pillay,Global DBA Operations Lead

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