Contracting in Germany

I am about to start a new contract and I would like some advice regarding the most tax efficient method of invoicing / payment. The contract is in Germany and arranged through a UK employment agency, I am free to make whatever arrangements I want in terms of payment methoods / locations

There are many factors to consider not the least of which is the stringent nature of the German tax authorities: 1) how long will you be in Germany (more than 183 days makes you a German tax resident), 2) Do you have dependents? If so, how many?, 3) Are you an EU citizen? 4) Is the contract organised direct to client or is there a recruitment agency involved? Your answers to these questions will decide which structure is best suited to your personal situation. % retention can vary between 55% and up to 83%. If you CONTACT US and explain your situation we can provide you with the most tax effective and importantly legal solution available from our wide variety of German partners.