Contractor Mortgages?'

I am looking for a mortgage but am a contractor? How can I get a mortgage as its hard to show my earnings. My bank won't offer me a decent loan.

Unfortunately you're not the only one. So many of the contractors we deal with, despite their high earnings and excellent financial situation, find it hard to get a mortgage. And its not just contractors - almost anyone who works on a sales or commission basis has the same problem. Most banks like to view customers in simple terms. Permanent work is simple and easy for them to understand and build a risk profile around. For contractors its harder - the bank may view you as only earning money for as long as your current contract. However if you go through a specialist mortgage broker the process is ALOT easier. Brokers understand the differences between contract and permanent work and are expert at presenting your circumstances to the bank in the right terms. We have mortgage brokers and financial advisors who provide this service in most destinations - ask us if you'd like more information.