Case Studies


Study 1 - The Consultant:
SAP Consultant AD was offered a lucrative 12 month assignment in Kuala Lumpur working for a German consulting company. He had long been interested to work in S.E Asia and saw it as an ideal place to base himself and his young family for a few years. But neither the recruitment agency based in Munich, nor the Banks local office in KL were able to organise a work visa for him and his family. Luckily after he contacted and we passed his case on to our local partner in Malaysia, a full work permit was soon in place that would cover him for his 12 month contract and give him the opportunity to work for other end clients after that assignment had finished. Even better, due to our local partners understanding of dual taxation laws and the special regulations for expatriate workers in Malaysia, he was earning more money than he expected.

Study 2 - The Recruiter:
London based recruitment consultant HM had located the perfect candidate for her client, the Kuala Lumpur office of a US investment bank. But her clients only solution for a work permit was to hire and payroll the candidate directly. This would have exposed the candidate to the highest rate of tax through paye system which meant the candidate was refusing the position. How was she to bill her client and pay the candidate? A colleague referred her to and our local partner was able to step into the breach. By offering a conduit between agency, end client and contractor all parties needs were met and the project was able to proceed without incident.

Study 3 - The Employer:
MB was representing a fledgling management consultancy office in Kuala Lumpur and had won a big project to assist a local private healthcare organisation through change management. To this end he had sourced 8 foreign specialists to form the team. Given Malaysias strict immigration and business practice laws it was essential that all correct procedures were followed. But his recently established office had not yet engaged proper legal, accounting and human resources functions and so how was he to ensure that everything was fully compliant with local regulations. Our local partner was able to assist him by taking on the staff as a 3rd party, providing all specialist tax and immigration advice. It was so seamless that the end client was never aware the specialists werent MB's full time employees.

Study 4 - Consultant Requiring Tax Minimisation:
Anthony, an engineer from United Kingdom who was working for a Telco in Johor Bahru found that with his earnings surpassing the high tax bracket he was see a big difference in his Net return through his limited company. Anthony contacted and explained his situation, we then provided him with a variety of structures for him to choose from, then passed him on to our local partner that had the structure that suited him.

Please note these studies are used for information purposes only and any resemblance to persons real or imagined is purely incidental.