Work Permit Visa for Oil and Gas Contractors in Kuwait

How to Get a Work Permit Visa for Oil and Gas in Kuwait

With the high earning rates, contracting in Kuwait could be the perfect opportunity. The most difficult part is gaining a work permit. The process for getting a work permit visa for oil and gas in Kuwait is more than a little complicated. The rules can vary from one contract to the next, making it hard for a contractor to keep up.

Kuwait changes their work permit visa rules on a regular basis to reflect government policy and current market conditions. Some employers will work one on one with you to help you understand the current regulations, especially if they are sponsoring your work permit. However, most expect you to handle work permits yourself or through your agency. You may be tempted to travel under a tourist or business visa if you are on a regular Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) rotation but this is not recommended in Kuwait. The penalties for working illegally (i.e. without the correct work visa) are severe.

The ideal solution is to work with an organization that helps you to find the right umbrella company with experts who fully understand work permit rules in Kuwait. These companies work with local partners to ensure all contractors have fully sponsored work permits. Even better, the umbrella company lets you keep your permit as you switch between Kuwait oil and gas companies, meaning less stress and easier contracting for you. They'll even work with you to gain a work visa that allows your spouse and any dependents to enter Kuwait while you work. 

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