Whatever happened to feedback?

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a concept called feedback. You applied for a job and then you would receive some contact from the recruiter. A phone call, an email, something just to let you know. It helped the job seeking piggy know whether to file an opportunity as open and closed.

It was almost like they kept you regularly updated on the status of your application. I remember when it used to be a letter informing you that you had not been successful or occasionally that wacko you are selected for an interview. Whilst a fresh faced graduate from the University this little pig collected a huge pile of the less desirable form of this letter.

Job Seeking Piggy Rejection Letter Pile

It was, in a sense, depressing with its size being testament to how undesirable a commodity the great engines of commerce found me. But it also gave closure. You're better of knowing, as they say... Somewhere between then and now this crucial art of feedback disappeared. Where did it go? Why did it leave? These are questions for another rant by the job seeking piggy.

Instead this little oinker prefers to lament its passing. One day perhaps feedback will return. It seems that with the rise of internet based recruiting softwares that automated emails informing of application received and then rejected are on the rise. It's not full of detail, but it is a start. Who knows? Perhaps the Web 3.0 version of Taleo will even analyse unsuitability and give pertinent reasons. Now that would be talent management!

Client comment

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