Everybody wants to rule the world

I don't think the pig is the only one who starts off with lofty ambitions (e.g. world domination) and ends up with a slighlty lesser result (e.g. holding a giant sign saying "golf sale" by a major intersection each weekend). Is this necessarily a bad thing? Whilst the reality may suck, the dream of a better day is a positive and neccessary thing.

And the same applies to job searches. Without coming over all Richard Simmons on you, you should aim for the best job you can get... or even a job you think is too good for you to get. Then reset your expectations (if you need to) based upon the feedback you get.

It's also a great means to focus your career plans - if you don't know where you want to go then how will you ever get there? In fact this little piggy has used this on a number of occasions.

Step 1: Apply for a job that seems beyond reach.
Step 2: Utilise any feedback about shortcomings or gaps as opportunities to reshape CV and how JSP explains its experience.
Step 3: Apply for another job with the newly perfected CV and experience.

Now what's that you are saying? I'm applying for these jobs but not getting any feedback? It's not always easy, but maybe you should sharpen your CV and interview techniques?

More to come on how to write your CV shortly...

Client comment

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Prishen Pillay,Global DBA Operations Lead

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