Work Permits in Europe for non-EU Nationals

It is worth keeping in mind whether you are an employer or a recruitment agency, that Work Permits are more difficult to obtain for mainland European countries than for the UK. The onus has been placed on Employers in the UK under the most recent changes that the Home Office has introduced. The outcome of which has been that once you have been pre-approved to obtain Work Permits then the process is relatively simple.

In most of the European countries the process is far more laborious and time consuming. The length and success of applications will also depend on the nationality of the candidate. The bottom line is that you can expect to wait up to 3 months before the application is approved (if in fact it is approved).

So if you do require Work Permits for your European based non-EU workers or in the case of recruiters for contract or permanent staff you are looking to place in EU countries,  it is well worth remembering that there will be a considerable time-lag at the very least. Might also be worth considering having them sponsored by locally based Contractor Management Companies and then have them sub-contracted back to your organisation. They invariably are able to obtain the Permits faster and understand the local regulations both from a Work Permit and Payroll perspective.

In certain EU countries, namely Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, France, Sweden, Luxembourg, Spain and Norway it is possible to second UK Tier 2 visa holders on assignment. This means you can have a contractor or employee sponsored in the UK by a well established UK management company and send them on assignment to your client. This process takes just 2-6 weeks

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