EU work permits

What permit lets me work in all european countries?


Currently there isn't really an easy solution for this. There is a Van der Elst Visa which is meant to provide this facility but isn't picked up by all the member states. Recently the idea of an EU Work Permit or "blue card" has gained currency. The concept would allow employment to non-Europeans within any EU country. It is proposed to be skilled migration under a points based migration scheme. The working visa would run initially for 2 years and then could be renewed or transferred to another company in the European Union as long as a valid employment contract was on offer. Best of all you would be able to use the accumulated time towards a residency application. Of course there is a catch - this is just a proposal at this stage. Even if it does proceed according to schedule it won't be implemented until 2011. This proposal has provoked alot of discussion. It is enormously important strategically for Europe to have an influx of younger, skilled workers as the population is aging and the predominant flows of incoming migration aren't highly skilled. It is worth pointing out that EU citizens, specifically nationals from Eastern Europe and Central Europe, who have been members of the European Union for over 5 years still face labour restrictions in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Denmark. There is a long way to go before a homogenous employment zone exists in Europe.