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With the changes made to the UK immigration system in April 2011 most workers from outside the European Economic Area have to use a Tier 2 work permit. It’s a “sponsored” work permit, which means that your prospective employer takes responsibility for your stay in the country and confirms that you’ll be making money. Getting sponsorship as a contractor in the UK is more difficult because you aren’t likely to keep one employer for your entire stay.

What are the Options for Sponsored Work in England?

If you’re looking for sponsored work in England, the easiest option is to have a permanent contract. The Tier 2 UK work permit lasts for five years, and you will be sponsored by your employer for the entire duration. After five years, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain and you won’t need sponsored employment. The work permit only covers one employer, which means that contractors have to update it every time they take a new job. Each change comes with an additional admin fee and extra paperwork, so using a contractor management company is a popular solution.

Sponsored Work Visa England

What is a UK Contractor Management Company?

Contractor management companies (or umbrella companies) serve as your permanent employer from a legal perspective. You’re permitted to work as a contractor, but your payments are processed through them. They’ll sort out your taxes on a PAYE basis, and net you the biggest proportion of your income possible under the UK tax system. The fact that they become your permanent employer means that they can sponsor you throughout your stay, regardless of how many contracts or projects you take on.

How We Help You Get Sponsored Work in England

By setting you up with a UK contractor management company, we can help contractors like business analysts, software developers, telecommunications contractors, testers, IT project managers and oil and gas workers get their Tier 2 UK work permits. We also provide excellent advice, and we check everything with the experts to stay on top of the constantly changing legislation. If you have any questions about sponsored work in England, or are considering using a UK contractor management company, get in touch with us today! Our service has no charge and no obligation; we just help you in any way we can!


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