England Work Permit Umbrella Company

You have to get an England work permit if you want to complete any work during your stay in the country. The process is quite simple if you’re a permanent employee, but for contractors who will be working numerous jobs during their stay it can be more complicated. You’ll probably have to use a Tier 2 UK work permit, which requires sponsorship from your prospective employer. There are problems with this approach, however, and you might need the services of an umbrella company.

Why is it More Difficult for Contractors to Get an England Work Permit?

The Tier 2 UK work permit is tied to one specific employer, who is your “sponsor.” Their sponsorship serves as confirmation that you have an offer of a job and will be earning money during your stay. Contractors face problems when they change jobs, because the entire work permit has to be altered to suit the new role. You’re charged for each time you do this, and it also entails tedious paperwork.

What is an Umbrella Company?

Umbrella companies – otherwise known as contractor management companies – act as your employer but only in an administrative sense. You submit your timesheets to them, they collect the payment for you, pay your taxes as you earn and send a net wage on to you. Because they’re classed as your employer, they can sponsor you for your Tier 2 UK work permit. This gives you the freedom of a contractor with legislative support of permanent employment.

How We Help You Get an England Work Permit

We work closely with UK umbrella companies, and can provide you with accurate, up-to-date advice on the constantly-changing immigration regulations. We also have a detailed knowledge of the different services they provide, and which ones specialise in helping with UK work permits. Most umbrella companies are also experts in UK taxation, and can guarantee you the highest take-home earnings possible. We help contractors such as software developers, oil and gas workers, telecommunications contractors, testers, IT project managers and business analysts get their UK work permits. Our advice is completely free and there is no obligation; we’re just here to help you.

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