England Work Permit Consultant

To find work in England as a consultant, you need to tackle the UK Tier 2 work permit requirements. Unfortunately, the system is presently set up to favour permanent employees, and this can present an issue for anybody likely to be working shorter contracts. If you’re interested in finding work as a consultant in England, understanding the process of getting a work permit is absolutely essential.

Why is it More Difficult to Get an England Work Permit as a Consultant?

The main problem that consultants face when getting a Tier 2 UK work permit is that you’ll probably be working for multiple employers during the five year period. Your employer has to “sponsor” the work permit in order to confirm that you’ll be earning money during your stay in the country. Consultants often work short-term contracts, and under the current rules you have to adjust your UK work permit every time you take on a new client.

How Else Can Consultants Get Sponsorship for a Work Permit?

There is another option for consultants, and it removes a lot of the major issues with UK work permits. By using a contractor management company, you gain all of the benefits of having a permanent employer but still retain your autonomy. They collect your payments, handle your taxes and send the remainder to you, and therefore technically become your employer. Several UK contractor management companies can sponsor your work permit and make it easier to become a consultant.

How We Can Help You Start Consulting in England

We’re partners with a wide variety of contractor management companies in England, and we have a comprehensive knowledge of the ones which can help with your work permit. We’ll also offer you advice on anything relating to immigration and taxation for when you’re consulting in England. Our links with experts on immigration and tax laws in the UK mean that you always get up-to-date, authoritative answers to your questions. There is no charge for our service and no obligation, so get in touch with us today!

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