Contractor Time Worth Calculator Released

We've put together our version of a "how much is my non-work time worth" calculator. You may want to edit or change it to your own specifications.

It's a simple calculator to help you work out how much each hour of free time is worth to you. We kept our calculations of this quite simple: how much do you earn, how much productive time do you have (e.g. time you could work on your taxes), how much non-productive time do you have (e.g. sleeping), and how much time do you spend either working or getting to work.

See the sheet here.
Contractor Time Worth Calculator(in excel format)

or here as google docs
Contractor Time Worth Calculator


We put this calculator to help you assess whether the time you spend on doing the administration for your own personal company is worth it to you - is it really cheaper than using a Contractor Management Company or PEO? However there are many other uses for this app. You might decide that its cheaper to have a cleaner than do it yourself!