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Summary of Options

One of the most common questions we get from contractors is “what are my options for getting paid”. The ways to get paid can include

  • Going on a local payroll in the host country (i.e. getting paid in the country you’ll be working in)

  • Staying on a payroll in your home country

  • Setting up your own personal limited company in the host country

  • Using your existing personal limited company in your home country

  • Using an umbrella company

  • Splitting your salary

Our Team

Contractor Taxation was set up in 2008 by Duncan Macintosh and Tim Burgess. Contractor Taxation assists individuals, recruiters and employers with international assignments by providing work permits, business visas and payment solutions in almost every country in the world.

Campbell Curtis, General Manager

10 Interview Mistakes That Can Turn Away Skilled Contractors

Maintaining a database of top candidates and staying connected is just one part of recruiting skilled contractors from the global mobility talent tool.  Just because you have a knack for mining the internet for candidates using tools like LinkedIn or Twitter, that doesn’t mean that you are doing all the right things to engage them and conduct an effective interview.

10 Tips to Prevent and Manage Disputes as a Contractor

Working as an independent contractor has it advantages, but just as with any business there is the potential for disputes with clients.  There are steps that you can take to minimize disputes, and avoid interrupting work or otherwise damaging the work relationship.  If you follow these tips, you will have fewer problems and can spend more time performing quality service for your clients.

8 Tips to Attract and Retain Globally Mobile Contractors

Are you looking for top contractors who can bring you their skills no matter where you are located?

Well, you are not the only one…

Because of the demand for quality contractors in the global marketplace, companies need to develop a plan to attract and retain those with above average skills and broad experience.   In many cases, talented contractors are not looking for job security, but prefer projects that utilize their talents and lead to other lucrative contracts.