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How to Apply for a Work Permit Visa to Work in the United Kingdom

If you’re from outside the European Economic Area and you’re hoping to start working in the UK you need to apply for a work permit visa. Understanding the application process and the requirements is vital to getting your UK work permit in time for your move. This is a general guide, but the rules and regulations change regularly, so it also helps to get up-to-date advice from a professional.

Apply for a UK Work Visa

Requirements for a Work Permit Visa Application

The UK Border Agency places requirements in place for anybody applying for a Tier 2 work permit visa. Finding out about these rules is important if you’re hoping to work in the UK, unless you’re from the European Economic Area, will be earning over £150,000 per year or have grandparents born in the UK. The requirements for a work permit visa application are shown through a points system, and you need 70 to qualify.

How to Obtain a UK Work Permit

If you’re interested in moving to the UK for employment, you need to obtain a Tier 2 UK work permit. You do not require a Work Permit if you're from the EU. If you have in demand or particular skill sets this is much easier for your prospective employer to have approved.Particular in fields such as oil and gas, telecommunications, business analysis, software development, testing or IT project management.

Obtain UK Work Permits

About UK Work Permit

Finding out about UK work permits is an important step towards being allowed to work in the country. The Tier 2 UK work permit is now limited to 20,700 people per year, but this limit doesn’t apply to ICT workers or anybody earning over £150,000 per year. Learning the basics about the UK work permit helps you understand the options available to you.

About UK Work Permits

What is a Tier 2 UK Work Permit?

UK Work Permit Payroll Services

Getting your UK work permit as a consultant is more difficult than for normal employees. Almost everybody who wants to start consulting in the UK will have to do so under a Tier 2 UK work permit, which is “sponsored” by an employer. This employer is also 100% responsible for running you through their payroll or PAYE (Pay As You Earn) payment system whilst you are sponsored by them. As a consultant, you’ll probably be working for numerous clients during your five-year stay, which means you have to change your work permit regularly.

How to Convert a UK Work Permit

With the recent changes to the system of UK work permits, finding out how to convert your existing UK work permit can be complicated. Our UK partners can assist software developers, oil and gas workers, IT project managers, business analysts and many other workers with their work permit transfers.

Changing Tier 2 Work Permit Application

UK Work Permit Changes