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Germany has a growing contract job market with great opportunities for skilled, qualified expatriates. The feedback we get from recruiters is that Information Technology (IT), Banking & Financial Services, Engineering, Telecommunications and Energy are the areas most in demand.

Contractors in Germany


The aim of all contractors is basically the same: to keep their independence, keep more of their income and ensure they are fully compliant with local taxation regulations. The only thing they want to cut out is time consuming administration. Our partners have just the solution for you!


Work Permits & Immigration


If you wish to work in China as a contractor our partners can sponsor you for a work permit.

  • You'll net an excellent return on your gross earnings.
  • You can choose your own contracts.
  • The work permit fully complies with local tax and migration laws, no more visa runs!
  • No more nerves about the next pronouncement from the authorities on business visa processing and tax controls.
  • The work permit will cover your spouse and dependants.



Currently there are 9 ordinary Visa types to enter China.

The ones of interest here are as follows: 

Visit / Business Visa (F)

Issued to those foreigners who are invited to China for visit, research, lecture, business, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges or short-term advanced studies or intern practice for a period of less than six months.

Special Visa Requirements: Invitation letter from inviting organisation / company.

Comment: Currently this visa is heavily used for short and long term workers in China. Even people who've been working in China for 4+ years have been coming and going on these visas every 1-6 months. This practice is risky and certainly isn't a long term solution. Consider the situation where during Olympics many Chinese embassies stopped issuing business visas, leaving some people stranded both inside and outside China.


Tourism Visa (L)

Issued to those who enter China temporarily for touring, family visiting or other personal affairs (multiple-entry is not granted for this category).

Special Visa Requirements: Flight and hotel bookings, proof of sufficient funds to support applicant. Check with your local embassy to find out exactly as it varies.

Comment: Not appropriate for workers


Working Visa (Z)

Issued to foreigners who are to take up a post or employment in China , and their accompanying family members.

Special Visa Requirements: Copy of Employment Licence issued by the sponsoring company and a visa support letter from same.

Comment: The work permit is a very common solution for permanent employees and companies that are well established. Its increasingly popular too for contractors due to the security and reassurance it offers. The best legal solution to working in China.


Residence Visa (D)

Issued to people who are going to live in China permanently.

Special Visa Requirements: Depends on the category of permanent resident application, best to talk to an immigration specialist.

Comment: Generally issued to long term residents (4 yrs+), high level employees or those who are investing heavily in China.


Study / Student Visa (X)

Issued to those who come to China for study or intern practice for a period of six months or above.

Special Visa Requirements: JW-201 or JW_202 form issued by the Ministry of Education of China and a letter of admission from a Chinese University / College.

Comment: Handy if you plan to study.


Extension of Visa

The extension application should be made at the municipal public security bureau 7 days before the visa expires. Multiple visas cannot be extended. Provide the relevant documents:

1) A valid passport and visa & local accommodation registration documents (the form you get from registering with local police)

2) A fully completed extension / alteration application form

3) Documents and papers supporting reasons for extension or alternation


The duration of visa extension:

1) F Visa: the total extensions add up to no more than 1 year and each extension should be less than 3 months

2) L Visa: The L visa held by visitors could be extended once with the duration no more than 1 month; L visa held by family visitors could be extended three times with each duration under 3 months

Case Studies

Study 1 - The Consultant:

Richard M, a change management consultant from United Kingdom, was offered a lucrative 12 month assignment in New Delhi working for a consulting company. But neither the recruitment agency based in Bangalore, nor the consulting companies local office were willing to organise a work visa for him and his family.

Tax for Expats in India

General Information

The United Kingdom (comprising England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) has long been a popular destination for International Contractors, Freelancers and Temporary workers.

Some of the key reasons why include:

- Consistently highest contract earning rates in the world.

- Strong Currency.

- Contractor friendly taxation structure.

- Powerful economy.

- Home to many large corporations and regional offices.

- Rich history & culture.

- Easily adjustable living conditions.

- Proximity to Europe.

Capital : London


- Total 244,820 km?

- 94,526 sq mi

- Water (%) 1.34



- mid-2006 estimate 60,587,300

- 2001 census 58,789,194

- general population is ageing, migration used to stimulate growth and sustain economy

- growth rate 0.276% - net migration rate 2.17/1000 population

- in the year to 2006 The National Bureau of statistics estimated 574,000 people migrated to the UK for a period of a year or more. 179,000 were from the Commonwealth, Other Foreign Nationals comprise a further 140,000. The remainder were from within the EU.

- Life expectancy at birth 78.85 years

- Ethnic groups: white (of which English 83.6%, Scottish 8.6%, Welsh 4.9%, Northern Irish 2.9%) 92.1%, black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, mixed 1.2%, other 1.6% (2001 census)

- Religions : Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist) 71.6%, Muslim 2.7%, Hindu 1%, other 1.6%, unspecified or none 23.1% (2001 census)



GDP - Total US$2.270 trillion (2006 estimate)

GDP - Per capita US$37,328 

- Import partners: Germany 13.7%, US 8.3%, Netherlands 7.2%, France 6.8%, China 5.9%, Norway 4.9%, Belgium 4.8%, Italy 4% (2006) Currency

- Pound Sterling (GBP)

- Calling Code - +44

Work Permits & Immigration

Work Permits in Malaysia can be a long and painstaking process. Additionally as permits are tied to one employer there are enormous benefits in having your sponsorship with your financial management company as opposed to recruitment agency or end client. Not least of these is the fact it allows you complete freedom to choose your projects and conditions of assignment. You will need to be sponsored by a local company - either the end client or a 3rd party employer.