Financial Services

As a contractor you have a different set of circumstances to those in PAYE employment. As such your needs and the financial services available to you are different. We understand that it can be more difficult to obtain a mortgage, income protection insurance or investment advice. We have partnered with companies that work exclusively with contractors so understand your needs and set of circumstances. Contact us for further information

Information for Recruiters, Consultancies and End Clients

If you're placing foreigners into China and need some assistance, our local partner in Shanghai has an excellent managed solution for Contract and Temporary workers. Being able to offer a seamless tax and immigration solution has already helped a number of recruiters. Why not increase the value you are offering your clients and contractors. You might even lighten your own administration in the process...

More about our local partner:

Work Permits For Contractors & Freelancers

Work Permits for contractors in China can be difficult without the right advice. As permits are tied to one employer it can impact quite strongly on your tax situation to have a work permit direct with the end client - you are then effectively a permanent employee. Very few agencies, if any, are able to sponsor contractors directly and even then - what happens if you decide to change jobs?

Given these circumstances there are enormous benefits in having your sponsorship with a financial management company.

Jobs & Employment

CANADA has a growing contract job market with great opportunities for skilled, qualified expatriates. The feedback we get from recruiters is that Information Technology (IT), Banking & Financial Services, Engineering, Telecommunications and Energy are the areas most in demand.


Here is our list of contractor employment sites and resources in CANADA. If you think a site should be listed here, please ask us to add a job site to our list.




The aim of all contractors is basically the same: to keep their independence, retain more of their income, and keep on the taxman’s good side. The main thing they all want to cut down on is time consuming administration. Our partners have just the solution for you! The good news is Canada is an enjoyable place to work and to live.

Tax in Canada

Work Permits & Immigration

Work Permits in Canada can be a long and painstaking process. Additionally as permits are tied to one employer there are enormous benefits in having your sponsorship with your financial management company as opposed to recruitment agency or end client. Not least of these is the fact it allows you complete freedom to choose your projects and conditions of assignment. Our sponsorship partner offers a work permit for contractors. 

Work Permit for Canada


CANADA is right at the top of most people's list of destinations. It's well developed, progressive, welcoming to foreigners and has some excellent opportunities. It's popular as a destination choice and a stepping stone - but most people who move to Canada never return (because they like it so much!).


Foreign contractors will need support to work in CANADA as the immigration controls are quite advanced - but we have the partners to offer help with this and much more.