Financial Services

As a contractor in NZ you have a different set of circumstances to those in permanent employment. As such your needs and the financial services available to you are different.


We understand that it can be more difficult to obtain a mortgage, income protection insurance or investment advice. We have partnered with companies that work exclusively with contractors so understand your needs and set of circumstances. Contact us for further information


Work Permits and Immigration

Work Permits in New Zealand can be a difficult process with alot of paperwork. The rules are regularly updated to reflect market conditions and government policy. We try to keep our information up to date as much as possible but we rely heavily on our local partners who are the specialists.



The aim of all contractors is basically the same: to keep their independence, retain more of their income, and keep on the taxman’s good side. The main thing they all want to cut down on is time consuming administration. Our partners have just the solution for you!

High Income Tax Management

In light of the recent increases in the personal income tax rate to 50% for those earning over £150,000 p/a the need to efficiently manage your personal tax has never been greater.
There are a number of High Income Tax Management options available in the market, our partner companies solutions have been overseen by international taxation specialists and are approved by the HMRC.

Tier 1 Highly Skilled Worker (HSMP) Visa Compliant Tax Structures

The requirements of those on Tier 1 HSMP Visa's differs from those of the average contractor. In order to adhere to the requirements of your visa and ensure that you are able to renew it after your initial 2 year period means that you have to approach your choice of an Umbrella Company Management from a different angle.


You want to be certain first and foremost that your PAYE earnings are at the requisite level whilst at the same time that you are receiving the highest possible level of earnings retention.


Ancestry Visa

On an Ancestry (Grandparent) Visa you can work in UK for any employer or under any terms. You can start your own business, set up a company or any other employment activities that UK citizens can pursue.

It's an excellent option for contractors. Ancestry Visa's only suit a very small number of people - Commonwealth citizens with Grandparents who were born in the United Kingdom before 31 March 1922. It can be either your Grandmother or Grandfather who qualifies you for this.