What to do if your 417 visa is running out but you want to stay longer


A common request we get with the 417 is to enable the employment to continue.

For example: An Australian company hires a foreign worker under the 417 "working holiday" visa. In 2012 the 417 visa allowed a 12 month stay in Australia with no more than 6 months spent working with any one employer. Often the employer and employee will want the work to continue longer than 6 months or the expiry of the visa. However as role falls outside the Employer Sponsored professions and the employer doesn't have a Labour Agreement with the Department of Immigration, they aren't able to maintain their employment directly. 

Our partners offer outsourced employment where the employer enters into an agreement with the management company (who has a Labour Agreement) to sponsor the employee for a 457 visa under the same terms and conditions as their previous permanent employment. The sponsoring company arranges a 457 visa for the employee and then subcontracts their services to the employer. This can even be fixed term permanent where the assignment has a set time period but all the other benefits of permanent employment.

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